The seventh year of the conference will be thematically focused on introducing news in the field of industrial robotics and automation.
The program will be accompanied by Lukáš Smelík, editor‑in‑chief of Control Engineering Česko and Radek Špicar, vice president of the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic.

The aim of the conference is to introduce news and current technologies in the field of robotics on local and even global market. This year we are going to take a look at robotization in the strategic perspective with the participation of leading specialists in robotics, industry and economics. From the Czech Republic and abroad…

The topics of this year are:
• Strategic robotics planning
• Macro and microeconomic consequences of robotization
• Robotization and the need for new generation of people in industry
• Robots at Factories 4.0 - current trends in robotics and associated automation
• Robotic day‑to‑day projects - examples of recent implementations
• Industrial robotics, where are you going?
• Technology news in robotics

Almost 300 representatives of industrial operations attended a conference focusing on trends in industrial robotics and automation last year. In 2020, the exhibition part of the event will be opened to other interested parties for free with goal to address a larger number of participants.

Conference will take place in Brno for 3 full days but only the first one (28th January 2020) will be also in English (CZE/ENG translation).

If you would like to attend full conference we reccomend speak Czech a visit for more information. 


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